Lucas Labs: Division of Lucas/Signatone


Address: 393-J Tomkins Ct. Gilroy, CA 95020
(408) 848-2851
Fax: (408) 848-5763

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Welcome to Lucas Labs

The Lucas Labs division of Lucas/Signatone Corporation manufactures advanced diagnostic tools for maintaining, calibrating, fingerprinting, and troubleshooting the gas handling subsystem of vacuum based process tools.

Founded in 1988, the company primarily serves the semiconductor industry. Located in the southern end of Silicon Valley in Gilroy, CA, Lucas Labs serves a world wide customer base, improving vacuum based process tool performance.



Four-point probes, resistivity testing equipment, and an economical four point probe mounting stand.


Florizel is a dedicated, stand-alone, fully automated testing system for up to 8 mass flow controllers per batch.


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